#10 Montreal in Canada

Montreal in Canada

In winter, you can enjoy time in Montreal by going to bars and restaurants trying some good food. The newly redesigned Museum of Fine Arts is also a must see. Old Montreal, where the main attractions are, is located on the hill of Mont-Royal and at its foot.

#9 Honolulu in Hawaii

Honolulu in Hawaii

It is never a bad time to visit Honolulu, but in February it is one of the cheapest places to go to because hotels decrease their prices by 40%. Try some delicious food in the Chinatown that has its culinary boom and visit the Kakaako neighborhood, which is a home to the Night Market.

#8 Orlando in Florida

Orlando in Florida

During the holiday season it might be a nightmare visiting Universal Studios and Disney World, but February being in between the New Year and Spring Break is perfect for that. You can expect lower prices for the accommodation and shorter lines for the most popular sights.

#7 Singapore


This place is an incredible mix of East and West features and a wonderful fusion of old and new. There are three main Asian cultures here. In addition to the Chinese district, there is also Little India, Arab Street, and the area where the Malay culture is dominant. The mild tropical climate and rich vegetation, exotic blend of European chic and Asian traditions, openness and friendliness of the locals make Singapore very attractive to tourists.

#6 New Zealand

New Zealand

Usually when looking for sunshine destinations, travelers skip this country. But February is the last month of pure summer here, meaning it is the equivalent of August. Autumn that just starts to flicker upon the trees only will add some romance to your trip.

#5 Oman


Summers in the Middle East are very hot, but February with its cooler temperatures is the perfect time to head to the country with the desert landscapes. Visit Muscat with its mosques, sultan’s palaces, and colorful markets to have a look into the past.

#4 Zanzibar


The mix of cultures makes this place even more exotic. In February, the weather is nice and is no more than thirty degrees. It is the most popular African island, which attracts tourists from around the world to lazily bask in the gentle waves of the emerald ocean, lie on sandy beaches, and indulge in complete solitude in the shade of coconut palms and fragrant gardens.

#3 Norway


Winter in Norway must not be endured, but enjoyed. This is the time to watch the Northern Lights, go skiing, and riding sleighs driven by reindeer.

#2 Isla Holbox in Mexico

Isla Holbox in Mexico

This is a tiny and secluded place for a very relaxing holiday. Untouched lagoons and houses with thatched roofs invite artistic tourists to enjoy their vacation in solitude.

#1 Seychelles


Turquoise shores and sugar-white beaches always attract tourists to this magnificent place. This is one of the best destinations to enjoy the romance.