#10 Slovakia


Even though Slovakia is a tiny country, it can still surprise its guests with the world’s largest wooden altar in the church of St. Jacob, the largest Castle in Central Europe, the highest peak of the Carpathians, the only winter geyser in the Kosice neighborhood, and more.

#9 Iran


Iran is a perfect destination if you want to have a real journey in time and space. The country bewitches visitors with a magnificent palace of the Shah’s Golestan, magic bridges and mosques of Isfahan, ancient Persepolis, majestic mountain range Alborz, and delicious food.

#8 Georgia


Georgia has something to offer all year round. Ancient monasteries and cities built in rocks are particularly beautiful. In summer, it is great to relax on one of the pebble beaches in Batumi, snorkel at Cape Mtsvane-Kontskhi, and breathe fresh sea and pine trees air.

#7 Tanzania


If you want to surprise yourself, go to Africa. Tanzania is a great option for the first journey to this exotic continent. You will be fascinated with Mount Kilimanjaro, a resort island of Zanzibar, Ngorongoro Crater with a big lake of flamingos, and wonderful Serengeti.

#6 Azerbaijan


The lights of Baku will make your vacations unforgettable. Drink cocktails in the restaurant 360 Bar Hilton Baku with panoramic views of the city, the Bay, and fiery Flame Towers. You can also visit a Zoroastrian fire temple and burning rock Yanardag not far from the city.

#5 Philippines


If on the map of the Philippines you point at a random place, you will still end up going to an island with gorgeous sandy beaches, where you can be all alone the entire day. There are more than 7,000 islands, so you will definitely find your best beach or a favorite place for diving.

#4 New Zealand

New Zealand

In New Zealand, you have to climb the Cape Reinga and see how blue Tasman Sea connects with the waters of the Pacific, take a look at the fjord of Milford Sound, meet whales and Yellow-eyed penguins, and visit the Franz Josef Glacier.

#3 Moldova


Moldovan wines are known throughout the world. The private wine farms tours are accompanied by amazing scenery. You will also see the ancient monastery and museum Old Orhei with fortress ruins, medieval entertainment, and cave hermitage.

#2 Cyprus


In sunny Cyprus, you can swim in the Aphrodite bay near Paphos, see the ruins of Limassol, relax on one of the beaches in Ayia Napa, play backgammon with locals, and drink wine.

#1 Cuba


Internet connection is not that good in the homeland of mojito and rumba, which is not a bad thing at all. Nothing will disturb you from basking in the sun, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, driving retro cars, drinking the Cuban rum, and smoking cigars.