#10 Town Hall in Leuven

Town Hall in Leuven

The town hall resembles a church rather than a governmental construction, maybe because it is decorated with 236 statues that all depict scenes on a religious topic.

#9 Belfry in Mons

Belfry in Mons

The Belgian city of Mons is near the French border in Wallonia. This impressive belfry in Mons is more than 80 m in height. It is considered to be the only bell tower in the country constructed in the baroque style.

#8 Castle in Bouillon

Castle in Bouillon

This is a castle from the medieval era in the town of Bouillon, which is located on a barrow overviewing the town. If you have a chance definitely visit the place as it offers an incredible look into the medieval era.

#7 Grote Markt in Mechelen

Grote Markt in Mechelen

Grote Markt of Mechelen accommodates the town’s biggest church, St. Rombold’s Cathedral, the town hall, and many restaurants and shops. If you happen to be here on a Saturday morning make sure to visit a market, where you can get some of the unique specialties a city has to offer.

#6 Train Station in Antwerp

Train Station in Antwerp

This is the main train station in Antwerp, which began its operation in 1905. It has an imposing facade, crowned with a big dome of 44 meters in height. The station is an example of the Belgian railway architecture.

#5 Cathedral in Tournai

Cathedral in Tournai

Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Tournai is distinguished by the architecture in the Roman style, bell towers of extraordinary dimensions, and various sculptures on the façade. It is crowned with five towers almost 100 meters high and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#4 Gravensteen


The castle offers you an opportunity to see how people lived many years ago and you can definitely imagine knights when looking at this historical building. In 1885, Ghent bought the castle, which was later restored. Today, it attracts a lot of people every year.

#3 Belfry of Bruges

Belfry of Bruges

Belfry is one of the symbols of Bruges as well as the whole of Belgium. In order to see magnificent sights of the city that open from Belfry you need to be in good physical shape as you need to overcome a staircase of 366 steps.

#2 Grand Place

Grand Place

It is a central historic square in Brussels. Every traveler who is going to this city simply must visit this magnificent square. Every year a carpet made of flowers spreads out in the Grand Place for several days attracting a lot of visitors.

#1 Canals of Bruges

Canals of Bruges

The river inside the city of Bruges was remodeled into a net of channels in the Middle Ages, which allowed traders to transport their goods directly to the markets. Channels offer an excellent opportunity to see this well-preserved medieval town from another angle.