Like all tourists, cruise passengers are often unfamiliar with locations and they face unavoidable factors that may put them at risk. Most of them have hassle-free tours, but some of them become victims of different crimes on their boats and right after stepping them off. Most of them are not violent, but others are serious, including murders.

Cruise tourists are simple targets as they come with money, don’t know local languages, and don’t remain for long. These countries are chosen because of their high risks for such tourists, so they are very dangerous cruise destinations.



It’s a very dangerous country and a popular cruise port at the same time. Its crime rates are very high because of ongoing gang wars. Drug traffic, bribes, and extortions are popular concerns for cruise travelers. Gangs often set up their blocks on the road to rob and hurt them.



Many cruise lines decided to reroute their ships off this country because of the latest terror attacks. However, its crime rates are standard, while local people are quite hospitable. The main problems are terrorists’ threats and bombings and they make this cruise port destination dangerous.



It’s a very dangerous country too, and its latest financial problems make it very unstable both for tourists and local people. Increased criminal activities and violence, such as drug traffic, kidnapping, murders, and theft, make is very risky for cruise travelers. Besides, the lack of basic essentials, poverty, and disease outbreaks make this situation even worse.



It’s a country with high risks for tourists because of civilian harassment and local law enforcement representatives who take advantage of naive foreigners who don’t know their customs. Other concerns include sectarian violent actions and civil unrest, so this cruise destination should be avoided.



Its crime rates are very high, so tourists are faced with a high threat to their personal safety. Assaults, murders, and robberies are their major concerns. Some cities even have their army soldiers to stay secure.



Many cruise ships choose this destination, but a crime increase is a huge concern for cruise travelers because assaults, murders, robberies, and others are common crimes there. Foreigners are also often targeted by militant groups.