These bars will definitely make you want to pack your baggage and travel right now. This list will be appreciated by people who want to spend their vacation having sunbathes in a refreshing and comfortable pool with its fast access to all kinds of tropical drinks and cold brews. That’s because the resorts and hotels listed below, including Grotto Bar that you can see on the main picture, offer the best swim-up bars on the planet. Why should you walk to bars if you can easily swim to them? It’s hard to find something more enjoyable and blissful than your favorite drinks in a cool swimming pool.

Unless you don’t like any type of fun, you agree that swim-up bars are some of the best inventions in the world. For people, there is nothing better and more relaxing than swimming in a refreshing pool and sitting in a sunken bar stool that stands under a shaded canopy. When planning your next trip or adventure, if you want to spend a great vacation away from work, or if you prefer to benefit from the best pool in the world, pay attention to the following swim-up bars because they are the most popular one across the globe.

Crystal Cove


This set offers its quiet cove in a famous boutique hotel in Barbados. What else does it offer? This swim-up bar features amazing views that can complement any beverage and an incredible pool that will surprise you with its jet fountains.

The Kee Resort and Spa


This resort is popular in Thailand for its big swimming pool that resembles a real lagoon. It has many exotic features and that’s why many visitors of Phuket choose this destination. They can enjoy a variety of excellent cocktails while sitting on sunken bar stools. Besides, a grand fountain can shoot water very high. At night and in the evening, this pool is lit up with many moving colors. It’s both a comfortable rest area and a stunning waterfall hidden in a secluded corner.

The Regent Palms


This beautiful pool is famous on Caribbean islands because it lets all visitors dine and taste many local cuisine delights while staying in the water as it has innovative seats.

Hotel Punta Islita


It’s often ranked high among the top pool bars with incredible panoramic views. You can’t surpass them while visiting Costa Rica.

Lagoon Bar


It’s located in the Blue Lagoon, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iceland. This cozy bar lets visitors enjoy their favorite drinks when relaxing in this heavenly lagoon.