Tourists can use different tricks to avoid being pickpocketed at any travel destination. However, they are exposed to higher risks in these cities for many reasons. Pickpockets have a range of methods to commit their crimes against tourists, they usually rob people in groups at popular attractions, etc. This incident may ruin your holiday, so consider useful information below. These cities are European places where travelers should be especially careful to avoid becoming a pickpocketed victim.


Европейские города Где Путешественники Часто Pickpocketed


A number of thefts occur in this popular city on a daily basis. Barcelona is one of the most visited travel destinations because of its amazing architecture and other major attractions. 

The main problem is that it has already earned a reputation of the pickpocketing capital. Travelers can be pickpocketed anywhere while visiting Barcelona.



This city is also often visited from tourists from different countries, so it keeps fighting with endless pickpockets. Its incredible tourist attractions make it chosen by pickpockets, and the local police must deal with 24/7 thieves. Even the Louvre was closed a few years ago due to strikes resulted by pickpockets and their targeted travelers and even employees.



Plaza Mayor is one of those places where foreigners need to keep their possessions, passports, and valuables safe. Many pickpockets group in teams, and this is what makes them more dangerous, especially for single tourists. Some of them may even pretend to be lost tourists to pickpocket innocent travelers. They use different distractions to commit their crimes, so you should be attentive all the time.



There are many popular places targeted by pickpockets in this European city. Most of them choose public transportation means and popular routes. The main difference is that most of them prefer to commit crimes as individuals, unlike the common trend.



In this incredible cultural and historical tourist destination, there are many pickpockets where local and foreign tourists are, especially around the Colosseum, Vatican, and other major attractions. Rome has many other high-risk places, so you always need to watch for your belongings while staying there. Use helpful tips to avoid being pickpocketed and don’t trust strangers to protect your money and ensure an enjoyable experience.