An indescribable delightful sensation to sit at a table covered with a crisp white tablecloth on the terrace jutting out of its rocky part of the infinite ocean, and to frame the face to a fresh, gusty wind, filled with a strong smell of damp and age-old unknown of the deep sea. Around the blissful silence and the vast expanse of water which means that it’s high tide in the Mont Saint-Michel, the town in North-Western France.

Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, FranceAmazing island, part of a group of Islands in the Bay of Saint-Michel, located just 2 kilometers from the mainland, but twice a day seems out of reach because of the dull gray waves, licking his impregnable walls.

Mont Saint-MichelAlthough after only a few minutes ago on the swirling waters stretched miles of rocky boulders and quicksand.
Earth island is included in the Norman district, although Brittany always tried to lay hands on this tidbit, because the ancient monastery is considered the second most popular tourist destination in France after Paris.

Mont Saint-MichelMont-Saint-Michel was declared a State historical monument and is included in the List of world heritage of UNESCO.

Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, FranceThe French are proud of this attraction, affectionate and pretentious calling it the «eighth wonder of the world».

Mont Saint-Michel

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