#10 Romantic Prague

Romantic Prague

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Mala Strana, Vysehrad with Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, where the relics are exposed on Valentine’s Day, swans on the banks of the Vltava, cozy restaurants with the views of the medieval Prague … Romantic places in Prague are endless.

#9 Sensual Paris

Sensual Paris

Ordering a cup of coffee and croissant and watching the flow of life in the cosmopolitan Paris is a favorite pastime of Parisians and the tourists. You should know how to contemplate Paris in order for it to reveal its romantic soul to you. Photoshoot in Montmartre or the Champs-Elysees, boat trip on the Seine, dinner at a restaurant, a night in the Lido cabaret, and, of course, the kiss on the Eiffel Tower – all of these are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

#8 Luxury Vienna

Luxury Vienna

A journey to the imperial Vienna can be a royal gift to your loved one. There are many romantic places in the Austrian capital. Definitely try the local sweets in famous coffee shops. Vienna is one of the best destinations for this romantic holiday.

#7 Relaxed Budapest

Relaxed Budapest

Budapest is a wonderful combination of classic architecture and thermal springs throughout the city. If you are in love, you are welcome in romantic Budapest.

#6 Seductive Rome

Seductive Rome

In Rome, you can feel hot temperament of Italians everywhere, which is balanced with the monumental artifacts of the Roman Empire and the Holy See. Visit to Rome on Valentine’s Day will make your trip fiery romantic and you will remember it all your life.

#5 Cozy Georgia

Cozy Georgia

A trip to Georgia will allow you and your loved one feel the coziness and hospitality of the country. The gallantry and courtesy of Tbilisi will might even spark a little of jealousy.

#4 A Fairy Tale in the UAE

A Fairy Tale in the UAE

Luxury hotels will definitely surprise your loved one. February is also a good time for shopping in one of the many malls in Dubai.

#3 Amazing Serbia

Amazing Serbia

Serbia offers genuine hospitality of the local population, delicious food, and the ability to have fun. You can come here quite spontaneously, without preparation, and such an impromptu will not leave your loved one indifferent.

#2 Romantic Latvia

Romantic Latvia

On Valentine’s Day, the atmosphere of romance and love in Latvia are literally everywhere. The restaurants, cafes, and bars have special offers and holiday programs for couples. In spas, you can get interesting offers as well. The spirit of love even reigns in museums and galleries.

#1 Spectacular Slovenia

Spectacular Slovenia

Resorts of the Adriatic Sea, cozy mountain valleys, Lake Bled, wooded slopes of the Alps, unique karst caves, and secluded monasteries are perfect to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.