#10 Georgia


Old traditions of Georgian winemaking and hospitality are a national trait that makes Georgia the perfect destination for wine tourism. Kakheti is the heart of Georgian wine where you can find many wine routes.

#9 Chile


Chile has the greatest potential for the development of winemaking. Chilean winemakers present serious competition even to the eminent European manufacturers.

#8 South Africa

South Africa

Even though South Africa has been producing wine for a long time, since the 17th century, it started to export and promote its wine to the world market only in the last decades.

#7 Moldova


Wine tour in Moldova is the perfect combination of price and quality. The National Wine Day is celebrated every second Sunday in October. This is the time when you can get acquainted with the production of not only wine but also barrels, jugs, and other wine accessories, and, of course, taste the best Moldovan wines and dishes.

#6 Hungary


In autumn, there are many wine festivals in Hungary. In villages, people who make wine invite visitors into their wine cellars to taste the local wine.

#5 Portugal


The most famous wines of Portugal are a young green wine Vinho Verde, often used as an aperitif, and table wines from a fertile valley of the Douro, including famous port wines. In early September, tourists go to Madeira to relax on the beaches and visit a bustling wine festival, during which they can not only taste the famous Madeira wine but also participate in its preparation.

#4 USA


Although the wine boom in the United States began only in the 1970s, the wines of Napa Valley, Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and other wine regions of California often take the first positions on the international arena.

#3 Spain


When on a wine route of Spain, the first thing is to go to Rioja, a region famous for its red wines produced since the end of the 19th century. Famous Wine Battle is held here in summer but in the second half of September in the capital of the Rioja a colorful wine festival of San Mateo takes place.

#2 France


French winemaking tradition needs no introduction. Go to Burgundy to try wines from such grape varieties as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Aligote. Go on a tour of the Alsace Wine Route where along the way you will find a lot of wineries and wine cellars.

#1 Italy


The history of Italian wine dates back several millennia. Today, the grapes are grown throughout the country, but the most famous wine regions are Lombardy, Trento, Friuli, Piedmont, and Tuscany.