Check these amazing sand sculptures that can be called true masterpieces. They are created by very talented sculptors who know how to transform beach sand into really incredible artworks.

Most people have favorite memories from their childhood, and some of them are about building sandcastles in the summer. All children agree that it’s very fun to get their hands dirty to construct imaginary creatures and fortresses. Although these constructions are not masterpieces, building them is fun and it will always be a part of our childhood memories.

However, some people can proudly call themselves experienced and talented sand sculptors because they know how to take simple sand castles to a completely new level. Their skills are improved to create unique and stunning sculptures that just blow people’s minds.

Sand sculpturing is one of the trickiest and most interesting art forms. It can be done with any type of sand that transforms into unique and beautiful sculptures of different kinds.

These talented and dedicated artists spend a long time on sculpturing their amazing sand beauties that all people can enjoy until they are ruined by the nature. Do you want to check out the best sand sculptures in the world? There is no need to go to the nearest sand sculpturing competitions because you can see our list of the most wonderful sand creations below. You will surely like these adorable and talented art creations from sand, so let’s start.

Underwater world and its wonders


Check out this sand composition that will be appreciated by all kids because it portrays their favorite underwater cartoon characters.

Cars and Mater


We all remember Cars because this cartoon is still popular among children all over the world. They all would love to see Mater, one of its funniest characters, right on the beach this summer.

A gorgeous goddess


Perhaps, this stunning sand sculpture will be also appreciated by parents and adults. Take a look at how its creator portrays a beautiful female face and curly hair.

Mothers’ tribute


This sculptor wanted to remind everyone that mothers play an important role in our lives and devoted this sand artwork to all mothers.

A regular visit to dentists


Most people are afraid of their regular visits to dentists, but look how this sand sculpture makes fun of this experience! Remember it when your next visit is due and you will definitely smile.

Baby in hand

© Imgur

The proud and confident Mike from Disney’s Monsters Inc.

© Instagram | officialsandsculptures

Mermaid Fantasy

©Facebook | Sculpture

A knight riding a dragon in the works

Instagram | 0n_my_way_t0

A stunning Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow

Instagram | sandart.collection

Dolphins leaping from the water

Instagram | sharmisthakrishna

T-rex, king of the dinosaurs

Instagram | warabi.cape

An impressive medieval joust

Instagram | kohdattuja

Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and elves taking a selfie

Instagram | waikikiwahine

Hail Lord Vader!

Instagram | petdetective218

A castle and sleeping guard dog

Instagram | vickyflipflop

The medieval royal family on the throne

Instagram | minnaloe

A surreal portrait made of sand

Instagram | 10jocelyn96

‘Jurassic World’ starring Sam Neil

Instagram | cleverfangirl

The Greek God of winemaking, Dionysus

Instagram | sandart.collection

A turtle family

Instagram | officialsandsculptures