#10 Take a Photo at Cape of Good Hope

Take a Photo at Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope was discovered five hundred years ago, when the Portuguese sailors were brought here in search of India. Stunning views of the Cape open from the lighthouse of Cape Point on the hill, where the cable car under the name The Flying Dutchman goes.

#9 Visit the Den of Sharks

Visit the Den of Sharks

If you want to get real adrenaline, dive with African sharks. From May to August the toothy predators await adventurers in Gansbaai bay, a 2.5-hour drive from Cape Town. Together with the other daredevils you will be put in a steel cage and released to drift into the ocean.

#8 Conquer Table Mountain

Conquer Table Mountain

Flat Table Mountain looks exactly like a dining table for giants, covered with a white cloth out of the clouds. Most tourists rise to the top in the suspended cabin with a rotating floor, but you can also climb and walk the goat paths.

#7 Learn History at the Museum of Apartheid

Learn History at the Museum of Apartheid

Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg significantly reproduces the atmosphere of the darkest period in the history of South Africa, a half-century of discrimination based on skin color. Feel how it is to be a second-class person already at the entrance, where tickets for whites and blacks are being randomly handed out.

#6 Find the Penguins

Find the Penguins

Penguins live not only in the ice of Antarctica, but also, for example, on the edge of the hot Africa, on the Boulders Beach. 3,000 African Penguins quietly stroll along the shore a meter away from people. An attempt to scratch the tummy can cost a finger, so it’s best not to risk it.

#5 Try African Wine

Try African Wine

In South Africa, the wine flows like water: the country is rightly among the top ten producers in the world. Endless plantation of Stellenbosch Valley is on the outskirts of Cape Town. Have a picnic on the lake at the Warwick winery, sip a glass of red wine at the foot of the mountains in the Vergelegen, or go down into the cellar family of Waterford.

#4 Spend the Night in the Animal Kingdom

Spend the Night in the Animal Kingdom

In the old South African Reserve Kruger which is the size of Slovenia, there are alone more than 16,000 elephants. Get ready to catch the camera at the sight of a cheetah and giraffe herds, crossing the road.

#3 Sunbathe on the African Resort

Sunbathe on the African Resort

Nine beaches around Durban are awarded with the prestigious award Blue Flag. On the famous Ramsgate people go for a bronze tan and extreme surfing, and Umzumbe offers opportunities to take beautiful pictures on the background of palm thickets.

#2 Learn about Your Roots

Learn about Your Roots

Take a trip to the archaeological complex Cradle of Humankind near Johannesburg to see how the first people made fire.

#1 Jump from the 72nd Floor on a Rope

Jump from the 72nd Floor on a Rope

Scenic Reserve of Tsitsikamma, filled with many hiking trails, will instantly awake in you the spirit of Indiana Jones. If you are willing to walk 40 kilometers along the edge of the seething ocean, make your way along the rain forest without a machete, and keep balance on a suspension bridge, choose the path of Otter.