#10 Foresta del Cansiglio, Veneto

Foresta del Cansiglio, Veneto

This forest has been inhabited for quite a while. During the 16th century, a forest captain was assigned here to maintain the tree felling and helped determine what types of trees were good for making oars. Today, there are a lot of walking paths here. The place is particularly picturesque in autumn.

#9 Forest of Sasso Fratino

Forest of Sasso Fratino

This forest is a part of National Reserve, which provides protection to it to ensure conservation of rare forest. There are a lot of cycling and walking paths that run between firs and beach.

#8 Bosco dell’Archiforo, Calabria

Bosco dell’Archiforo, Calabria

In the past several years, the felling of the trees led to an enormous destruction of forest. In 2013, locals fought for its rescue and won. Today, you can take amazing strolls through the oldest fir trees in Europe, one of which is 50 meters tall.

#7 San Vito Cork Oak Forest, Lazio

San Vito Cork Oak Forest, Lazio

This is one of the biggest forests in Italy. You can get here by car from Rome, which takes about an hour. Not many tourists make it easy to walk here throughout the year.

#6 Grande Porta del Pollino

Grande Porta del Pollino

The place is located 2,000 meters above sea level and grows rare Bosnian pines, which, according to experts, can endure various weather conditions. The hike is quite long, but the scenery is spectacular and worth the effort.

#5 Forest of Sila, Calabria

Forest of Sila, Calabria

Sila is located on the Calabrian plateau. Here, you can take long walks and pick strawberries when they are in season.

#4 Pinewood Forest, Aosta Valley

Pinewood Forest, Aosta Valley

This forest is like an oasis in mountains, offering comfort to visitors. You can find many marked trails of various difficulties in the forest. Also, there is a cable car at the resort.

#3 Bosco di Sant’Antonio, Abruzzo

Bosco di Sant’Antonio, Abruzzo

This is one of the best preserved forests in Abruzzo. In summer, you can have a picnic or stroll here. In winter, it is a great place for skiing.

#2 Bosco di San Francesco, Mount La Verna

Bosco di San Francesco, Mount La Verna

This is a huge forest at the foot of Mount La Verna. It is a beautiful place where you can find many birch trees that provide nice shadow in summer. Here, you can enjoy an abundance of strolls.

#1 Foresta Umbra, Gargano

Foresta Umbra, Gargano

This place is known as a Forest of Shadows with an enchanted atmosphere. There are many tall trees that are scattered around providing shadows for those having picnic in the forest.