The moment of this reunion is very powerful, and you can watch it here. NICU or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is designed for the infants and newborns who face their major battle in their whole life. When they first enter the world and take their first breath, these babies must be closely monitored and cured to let them live. This means the beginning of their lives is associated with medications, different procedures, and isolation. They must handle all that to be able to sustain a fragile life.

Unfortunately, this harsh fight keeps going day and night, and nurses who work in the NICU play an important role in winning it. Renee is one of them, and she works in a Hospital in Georgia. She definitely understands the struggle that these babies must face on a daily basis and she keeps fighting as hard as she can.

A group of grateful parents whose kids wouldn’t be alive without the effort of Renee and Kleenex teamed up to gather tributes from many people in different parts of the country. They brought them all to Renee to highlight all of her victories and appreciate her happy and big heart.

In the video that you can watch below, you can see this amazing reunion and watch the incredible reaction of Renee. This is how she could hear the latest news from the families whose infants she treated in the hospital and saves their lives. For example, one mother explained that Renee was the first one to let her hold her daughter. Many parents also describe this NICU nurse as a true hero and they don’t have enough words to share their gratitude and thank her for everything she did for their babies.

This reunion was organized to let Renee reunite with every family and each baby she managed to save, and you’re lucky to be able to watch it below. This video is very emotional because it shows the audience many scrunched-up and beautiful faces and tiny hands. Everything was done to make viewers bawl, just like babies. It also shows many tearful parents who express Renee their gratitude for her care and love.

It’s hard to deny that this job is quite draining emotionally. The star of this popular video, Renee is a nurse who claims that they can’t predict whether some newborn babies will really make it through their shift. However, she still performs her duties and tasks, and she has done it for more than 30 years. Watch this amazing video now!