Nadya Suleman is a woman famous for being Octomom and giving birth to her octuplets. No need to say that it happens very rarely, and the memory of this event will take readers back in 2009 (almost 8 years ago). Nowadays, many people still remember and follow her on social media websites. Do you know how she looks today? If not, read this article because it will help you find out more about the life of well-known Octomom.

Nadya Suleman


This beautiful and fragile woman became famous for being Octomom overnight, but she didn’t expect this kind of popularity at all. People started calling her Octomom, and they all were strangely and increasingly interested in everything in her private life. In 2009, she was in the news for different reasons on a regular basis. As an example, you could see Nadya in the show of Oprah Winfrey, and she was even involved in the Fox documentary about her pregnancy story. Suleman succeeded to take advantage of her media attention to earn popularity and fame.

Her true struggle

Over time, her popularity started decreasing, and the worst part is that her finances to raise 14 children at once were limited. That’s why Nadya’s struggle to raise them was real, so she decided to step out of the media attention to concentrate on this task.

To earn an extra living, she even agreed to take part in adult movies, and she still regrets this decision. This career finished fast because Suleman felt very uncomfortable. However, the main reason to stop this path was her oldest daughter who started copying her mother’s behaviors, traits, and life choices. Once Nadya understood that her daughters can emulate her, she realized that she doesn’t want them choosing the same destructive life path. She still thinks that it’s better to be homeless with all of her children than ever returning to adult movies. This is not what she wants for them. Are you ready to find out more about her current look?

A completely new start for her


Amazed to see these changes? Nadya relocated to California, so now she and her children live in Orange County. Her current career is being a talented family therapy counselor because she feels quite passionate about this work. It makes her feel alive once again, and she doesn’t regret that she turned back to her helping profession and roots. Now, she feels happy and free, and this is her kids look now!