#10 Takasugi-an in Japan

Takasugi-an in Japan

This is a tree house built on top of two chestnut trees. The house has just one room and was designed for personal use of its architect.

#9 Hanging Temple in China

Hanging Temple in China

The temple is attached to a rock 75 meters above the ground. It is supported only by girders interposed into the rock.

#8 Lichtenstein Castle in Germany

Lichtenstein Castle in Germany

The castle is located on the rock 817 meters above the ground. The site has always contained a castle since 1200, which was replaced by this neo-Sothic building in 1840.

#7 Puerta de Europa in Spain

Puerta de Europa in Spain

The Gate of Europe includes two identical structures. The buildings have 26 floors. They are inclined towards each other at 15 degrees.

#6 Astra Tower in Germany

Astra Tower in Germany

It was constructed in the 13th century and was a part of a church. It is built from oak and has a height of 27.43 meters. The tower started to tilt because the material was degrading, but in 1996 it was restored.

#5 WoZoCo Apartments in the Netherlands

WoZoCo Apartments in the Netherlands

The complex of apartments has been home to residents of Amsterdam for more than 55 years. The initial plan of the construction included only 87 apartments per block, but it was changed to 100. Thus, there are 13 extra apartments that hang from the north façade of the building.

#4 Sutyagin House in Russia

Sutyagin House in Russia

This wooden house constructed in 1992 has only two floors, although its roof goes up for 11-15 floors more. This makes it the tallest wooden house in the country and in the world.

#3 Capital Gate in the UAE

Capital Gate in the UAE

This skyscraper was built with an impressive lean. It is inclined to the west for 18 degrees, which is more than that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

#2 Meteora Monasteries in Greece

Meteora Monasteries in Greece

It might look that this group of monasteries just hover in the air. These large monasteries are located on the top of high natural rock columns. They were constructed in the 15th century.

#1 Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

The tower serves as the bell tower of Pisa’s cathedral. It is famous for its unintended tilt on one side. It started tilting 5 or 6 years after its construction because of the insufficient ground foundation. With time its incline has been more insecure. Today, the tower doesn’t keep leaning anymore because of the repairing works that stopped the tilt.