Hotel Del Salto

The Tequendama Falls Museum - Hotel Del Salto
The hotel was built in 1923 in the tiny town of San Antonio del Tequendama, about 30 kilometers South-East of the capital of the country.This is one of the most beautiful places on the river Bogotá – here is a waterfall of Tequendama. The naming is a 137-foot waterfall means "the open door" - the Indians who inhabited the...
Taj Mahal
The most beautiful places in the world have always attracted millions of tourists. Whether it's high mountains or vast valleys, vast sea or the historic building. The sights of the Earth can transform your life in an endless and exciting journey. Let’s talk about some of the greatest miracles in the world Kungur Ice Cave Mysterious ice cave – the hugest caves...
An indescribable delightful sensation to sit at a table covered with a crisp white tablecloth on the terrace jutting out of its rocky part of the infinite ocean, and to frame the face to a fresh, gusty wind, filled with a strong smell of damp and age-old unknown of the deep sea. Around the blissful silence and the vast...