If you like water parks, think about Tropical Islands Resort where it’s fun, warm, and wet outside. Many people think that it’s located in Florida or California, but they’re wrong because the largest water park is located in Germany. You can find it 30 miles away from Berlin in the old refurbished hangar that was refurbished.

It’s quite an unexpected tourist stop, especially in the winter when this building is covered by the snow, but it’s still the largest indoor water park on the planet. This popular amusement park keeps all guests warm in each season, and its territory covers about 17 acres. This tourist attraction can host up to 6000 visitors at once.

Waterslides and swings

There is something all tastes there because this park has a special padding area filled with toys for small kids. Besides, it offers a waterslide and a water-play table for everybody. This park also features bumper boats and mini cars in addition to bigger waterslides enjoyed even by adults.


Extra Options for Adults

Many well-known water parks are cozy family zones, but this one offers a range of extra options to adults. For example, visitors can enjoy a sauna in its Bali-inspired lagoon, and there is a special tropical sea spread out over the territory that equals 3 Olympic-sized pools. This sea is under a roof and its temperature is controlled.

Spa Services

If you’re tired of waterslides or you’re looking for something interesting and new, this amusement park also offers its full-service spa. Amazonia is its new outside zone where guests can chill and enjoy their time.

Enjoy Your Real Vacation

Want to experience a real vacation in this famous water park? The good news is that it offers such an opportunity because of the availability of different overnight options. According to the experience of customers, its lodges offer both their tropical feel and comfort. It’s even possible to benefit from your outdoor beach vacation with typical mattresses, linen, and tents.

Outside Water Park Offers

If you prefer an outside water park, you can find a variety of options to fit your personal tastes. As an example, experts advise 2 big outdoor water parks, including:

  • Ice Land Water Park in the UAE because it has incredible crystal blue pools;
  • Caribbean Bay Water Park that you can visit in South Korea because it features welcoming outdoor and indoor areas in addition to its large diving pool.