#10 Ocean


The main feature of Ocean restaurant is its location in the heart of the largest oceanarium in the world. Guests visiting the restaurant can enjoy the magnificent panorama of crystal-clear water, where fish and many other exotic marine creatures swim. On the menu you’ll see a lot of chef dishes, which combine Mediterranean and Californian culinary trends with notes of Asian cuisine.

#9 Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian

This chain of Italian restaurants has won the love of thousands of fans around the world. Each dish on the menu is created by James Oliver. It offers a cozy and stylish atmosphere, friendly service, and a team of professional waiters, who are devoted to their work and can tell you about each dish in detail.

#8 Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

This is a famous steak house that from the first day of its existence confidently holds the position as one of the best meat restaurants in the city. The largest selection of juicy steaks of excellent quality and variety of original sauces attract connoisseurs and lovers of meat.

#7 TWG Tea


Visit one of the tea shops and boutiques of the Singaporean company TWG Tea. Here you will find the world’s largest collection of tea, which has more than 1,000 different varieties.

#6 Absinthe


If you missed France and its cuisine, go out for dinner to a cozy restaurant Absinthe, whose pastel mint interior and impeccable service will offer you a pleasant evening in a circle of people you love.

#5 Fat Cow

Fat Cow

This is a luxury Japanese restaurant, the interior of which is based on the art of seeing the beauty in simple and modest things. In addition to the amazing and intricate Japanese dishes, you can find here dishes made of Wagyu Beef.

#4 Kinki


This is a stylish Japanese restaurant, whose chef is not afraid to use unusual ingredients and create non-standard combinations. He pays attention to seasonality and has special requirements for the quality of products.

#3 The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill

Here you can enjoy luxury and fashionable interiors, elements of which are reminiscent of distant voyages, as well as amazing cuisine which is presented by seafood dishes and unusual solutions.

#2 Bedrock Bar & Grill

Bedrock Bar & Grill

The restaurant has become a place of pilgrimage for meat-eaters and fans of good whiskey, the collection of which includes even the rarest kinds from all parts of the world.

#1 Brotzeit


This is an authentic German restaurant, where you can enjoy a real Bavarian beer, brewed according to traditional recipes.