#10 Madaba


Madaba is a pearl of Jordan. The city earned the title of City of Mosaics. Today it is one of the centers of Christianity in the Middle East. The beautiful mosaics are the glory of Madaba. The most famous one is a mosaic map of the Holy Land. The map is currently in St. George’s Orthodox Church.

#9 Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve

This Reserve is the best destination to see beautiful scenery. If you like hiking you definitely need to go to the Reserve to climb up and down scenic canyons and valleys.

#8 Aqaba


In Aqaba you can find the only waterfront in the country other than the Dead Sea. It is also the only port. When here, visit Ayla, a well-preserved habitation from the 6th century. If you like scuba diving, this is the best place for you, as the Red Sea offers you to take a look at the beuatiful marine world.

#7 Al-Karak


This is a destination for castles. The main one is the Citadel of Kerak, which was a fortress for Crusaders. You can take a tour of the castle to see the renovated parts. In the Archaeological Museum you will find a magnificent collection that will tell you more about the history of the region.

#6 Amman


The capital is the largest city and the center of culture and trade. Here you will find a lot of Roman ruins, including Roman Temple of Hercules.

#5 Desert Castles

Desert Castles

In the Eastern Desert, there are many castles to explore, which in the past were used for defense. Visit the area to enjoy amazing desert landscapes.

#4 Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Jordan has a small part of coast linked to the Dead Sea. This is a great destination for relaxation and health improvement, as the water contains many minerals. By staying in one of the luxury resorts on the coast you can enjoy spa treatment and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that rise above the city.

#3 Jerash


In Jerash, you can find a huge collection of Greek and Roman ruins. The Hippodrome found here is the smallest hippodrome ever built by Romans.

#2 Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

For breathtaking scenes go to the desert valley Wadi Rum. The valley boasts of granite towers and sand mountains. Many natural structures and landmarks here have uncommon rock and sand colors that will take your breath away.

#1 Petra


This is indubitably the best destination to see in Jordan. One of the Seven Wonders of the World offers you to go on a tour of ancient archaeological parks. The magnificent canyon Siq is a very scenic place. The most spectacular scenery is opened from the Mountain of Aaron.