Have you ever seen any cows in local shopping centers? We bet that you didn’t have this kind of shopping experience, unlike inhabitants of Surgut, a city located in Russia. That’s because they were amazed to see the cows entering a local big shopping center. Maybe, some of them didn’t believe their own eyes, while others thought that they were dreaming.

This surprising and rare event happened this Monday, and you can watch everything on the footage that shows these cows passing through mall sliding doors that lead into the main building and walking throughout its parking lot.

Do you want to be one of the Russian shoppers in Surgut who had the opportunity to watch the cows shopping, just like normal people? They were definitely left baffled and wondering after watching a few calm cows entering this large shopping complex via its parking lot.

Well, it’s still unclear where and how these cows actually came from, but 4 of them walked through a covered garage unto this mall and its automatic glass door. This scene looked very bizarre and unusual! Luckily, some visitors caught it on their mobile phones and they even managed to follow these cows to find out what they wanted to buy there.