Reasons Why You Should Stop Kissing Your Pets
What Can Happen When You Kiss Your Pet? Even if your cat has never been outside the apartment, and you disinfect the dog after each walk, you cannot be sure that the animals are absolutely healthy. Doctors warn: there are more than 100 diseases that a pet can reward you and your child with. Most of them can be absolutely asymptomatic...
10 Fascinating Facts about Animals
Crocodiles Eat Stones A lot of things go through the crocodile’s stomach – from fish and birds to buffaloes and even other crocodiles and stones. They swallow them and the stones remain in the stomach and help the animals dive deeper. Milk of the Whale Has 50% Fat Content Taking care of the baby is not an easy task for the whale,...
Reasons Why You Should Never Have a Cat
Taking a Cat as a Pet Have you decided to take a fluffy cute kitty at home as a pet that will gently purr you at your side, play with a ball, and rub against your hands? Well, it all might turn out completely different than you think. Cats are the most insidious and independent animals in the world. And...